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OPTP Anatomical Roller

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Designed specifically for core training, balance work and body alignment, the Anatomical Roller™ is the only foam roller that naturally supports and aligns the spine during exercise. 

With a center groove, two uniquly tapered ends and a single rounded side, the Anatomical Roller™ has style and performance all its own. This standout foam roller not only enhances many exercise variations, but also allows the challenge level to be easily modified. 

Adds instability much like the popular Stand Up Paddle Yoga, Paddle Board Yoga, Yoga Core Training or SUP Yoga. All types of yoga including Bikram, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga Classes, Power Yoga, Moksha Yoga and Yoga Fit can be practiced using the Yoga Roller. The vast majority of yoga poses can be performed on the Anatomical Yoga Roller. The Anatomical Pilates Roller can be used to modify and enhance exercise on the  Pilates Reformer/Cadillac.

The Unstable Position - With the rouded-side down, the tapered ends and grooved center support the spine in proper alignment, while the rounded bottom offers balance and core challenges. The tapered ends are at different inclines for the head and sacrum. It also works well as a balance board from a standing position.

The Stable Position - With the grooved-side down, movements can be performed on a stable base, altering the challenge and focus. It also functions as a platform for stretching, calf dips, elevated pushups, etc. 

The Anatomical Roller™ is recommended for core strengthening, balance work, postural re-education, kinesthetic exercise, spinal stabilization, physical therapy, Pilates, Yoga, stretching and more. Constructed of premium EVA foam, the Anatomical Roller™ will hold its shape, even after heavy use. Includes an instructional poster with exercises.

Measures 95cm long x 10cm wide. The wide end measures 13cm wide x 5cm high with an 11° slope. The narrow end measures 5cm wide x 3cm high with a 13° slope.