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OPTP Original Kaltenborn Concept Wedge

Product Code: rtYABkEHww/concept/.6p

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$76.45 ($84.10 inc GST)



Durable and easy-to-use mobilization wedge that’s specially designed for testing and mobilization of the spine and extremities.

The molded groove on the Original Kaltenborn Concept Wedge™ relieves pressure on the spinous process, facilitating mobilization via the transverse process while mobilizing the spine. The bottom of the wedge can be used as a positioning tool for extremity mobilization.
Improved wedge angle and size for more effective treatment. Durable, non-slip rubber construction is comfortable for the patient.
Measures 10.8cm W x 20.3cm L (base) x 6.4cm H. Latex-free.