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ALL RUG-HOLD PRODUCTS BELOW ARE SOLD WHOLESALE ONLY! This means you can only buy FULL ROLLS (e.g. 30m length) but no pre-cut pieces. For pre-cut pieces click here.

Please enquire for the best price for any of the products below!!!

1.) Allstop (3mm)  & Allstop Plus (6mm)


  • 3mm thick
  • Beige only


  • 6mm thick
  • Grey (see right)

Grips through fibre and light adhesive contact on both sides. The adhesive does not dry out (no glue). Guarantee no residue. Washable at 40 deg C. Environmentally friendly.

Wholesale full rolls of 25mtrs length ONLY

Available Widths in cm:

  • 60
  • 80
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
  • 190
  • 240
  • 300


Available in a large range of sizes.
Rug underlays should extend to within 50mm of the edge of your rug. Sides can be butted together without any tape or adhesive.

As the working conditions and the multitude of different materials are outside our influence, no legal claim can be derived from the information provided by us. We recommend to carry out your own adequate testing. The recommendations made by the producers of the underlays should be adhered to in any case.

  • removable
  • easy laying
  • easily cut to size
  • suitable for chair castors
  • suitable for under-floor heating
  • material thickness: approx. 1 mm 
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