Personal Trainer / Fitness Starter Kit

Product Code: rtyak-pt

This set provides any personal trainer or fitness fanatic with the basic equipment they will need and desire. All the products included are of high quality. The assortment is very convenient as you do not need to select all items individually. Also, you save 10% compared to buying these props separately.

Items included in this set (click on links to view products):



1 x Fitness Mat 1 x 65cm Balance Ball 1 x Agility Ladder 1 x Balance Disc (35cm) 6 x small Agility Hurdles
50 x Agility Short Cones
10 x Agility Long Cones
1 x 3kg Weight Ball
1 x 29cm Power Wheel
1 x 15kg Sand Bag


Total: $387.40 ($426.14 inc GST)  -  Save 10% (over $43) compared to buying these items individually
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