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Annexe Matting PLUS German 1990 , Fixing Clips

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Check here for offcut sizes of annexe matting on special! HALF PRICE!

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ON SPECIAL! $10.00 per metre
FULL ROLLS - $300.00 ($330.00 inc GST)



PLUS ANNEXE MATS ARE NOW ON SPECIAL FOR $10 PER METRE x 250cm WIDE; ideal flooring for awnings, caravan annexes, balconies, even shelfs, blinds, etc. These mattings are made in Germany to be robust, easy to lay out or fold then pick up, quick pack and move to another location. Due to their weather-proof features these annex mattings are perfectly suited for any outdoor usages. 
Product Features:

  • Ideal for tents, balconies, shelf-lining, blinds
  • Robust matting is easy lay, folds without creasing. Best pack when dry.
  • Weather-proof, rot, mildew and mould resistant, will not shrink or curl.

  • Easy to clean by hosing or wiping with warm soapy water. Dries quickly

  • Easy cut any direction. Will not fray or tear if poled through.

  • Breathable, use either side

  • UV Stable (tested under Mediterranean conditions)

Width 250cm. $22.00 / metre ($24.20 inc GST)
Full 30m rolls from $17 / metre ($18.70 inc GST)

ON SPECIAL! $10.00 per metre
FULL ROLLS - $300.00 ($330.00 inc GST)


PLUS Mat Product Specifications:

Manufacture vinyl coated, plain weave with alternating checkerboard pattern
Texture 98% vinyl, 1% polyester, 1% fibreglass (for dimensional stability)
Weight weaves 450g/sqm tol. ± 20g 
Walking Comfort 3mm thick, smooth to walk on
Breathing Holes allow small particles of dirt and liquids to fall through and will allow grass to breathe below, grow through and live longer
Sizing / Laying / Fixing can be heat welded for additional width
Non-Slip best when dry
Dimensions (can be cut into desired pieces) 30m length x 250cm width or pre-cut
Cleaning can be shaken and hosed down before storing
Other Uses Netting for golf practice, arrow stopping, ball games or soft fall screen in tennis halls. Heavy duty cargo non-slip mat for vans or open truck cargo containment net. Wet weather bowling dumper mat.
Resiliance to dragged furniture PLUS is made in Germany to the highest standard. It is much stronger than Chinese matting which looks good but breaks down and crumbles fast.

 PLUS Mat Available Colours / Patterns:


Dark Blue

Dark Green


Fixing Clips:

Fastening clips for camping mats, awnings, and all kinds or tarpaulins.
Also can be used to repair torn eyelets.
Fibreglass reinforced Nylon 6, protected by pigments against UV damage.
Temperature resistance: -30 to +100 C
Weight approx 12.5 g/pc.
Load capacity: Up to 70kg
Size (L x W x H): approx. 40 mm x 35 mm x 10 mm


  1. Remove plastic parts from clips
  2. The upper part and the bottom part are to be telescoped that way that both openings are positioned one upon the other. The tarpaulin which has been fixed can be clamped between the two guides.
  3. Through the opening, either a fixing cord can be drawn, or, with a tent peg, a camping mat can be tightened.

I have received the matting and it is exactly how you described it and the product that I wanted. You can be assured that I will be informing as many as I can within the industry of your product compared to the other rubbish that is out there. Thanks again. Regards John Brown, Kendall, NSW

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