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Power Rubber Band - Ballet type Band

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The Power Rubber Band is an extra long resistance band (1 metre long when folded) that is great for stretching and adding extra resistance to many exercises. A very versatile stretch band product, great for ballet dancers, extra resistance for weight training and pilates classes. Your gym is not complete without it!

  • Power strength band used for personal resistant training.
  • User can attach this band on weight bar and benches for added resistance during lifts.
  • Effective for stretching the upper and lower body as well.
  • Width of band determines resistance.
  • Contains Latex
Straddle Stretch
1) Sit on floor and place legs in butterfly position
2) Loop one end of band around the centre of either foot
3) Put band across your back and just above your hips to loop the other end around your opposite foot
4) Slowly extend legs into the straddle split stretching position
5) Return legs to butterfly position and remove band one foot at a time
Positional Stretch
1) Loop band under foot of straight stretching leg and stretch band diagonlly across back to opposite shoulder.
2) Loop balletband around shoulder
3) Raise leg in arabesque position allowing the resistance of the band to elevate and stretch the arabesque leg
4) Easy to move leg to a la seconde or croise stance
5) Return leg to standing position and remove band from shoulder.

The Power Rubber Band comes in 6 different colours/resistances:

Colour Resistance Weight (kg)
Yellow X-Light 7 - 9
Green Light 11 - 23
Red Medium 23 - 34
Blue Heavy 36 - 50
Black X-Heavy 45 - 63
Grey XX-Heavy 63 - 82

$16.00 each ($17.60 inc GST)