Power Wheel - 29cm

Product Code: rtyAFPW/11.5"/3kg

This power wheel is the optimal tool to increase upper body and core strength in chest, shoulders, arms and in the abdomen. You are able to perform many upper as well as lower body exercises with the power wheel - including leg curls, push ups and crab walks. Simply position your arms or legs onto the power wheel pedals or handles and start your powerful training. For a powerful ab workout you're sure to feel the next day. Comes with instructions.

» Click here to view the user manual (this is included in the delivery)

Below are some sample exercises you can do with the Power Wheel. Either strap your feet onto it or hold it with your hands. This diversifies your training!

Watch Videos on how to use your Power Wheel


29 cm wheels  -  $23.00 each  ($25.30 inc GST) -  Available in Black ONLY


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