Prana Wheels

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Australian made Prana Wheels


The Australian made Prana Wheels are a fun and creative way to expand your flexibility in your spine, shoulders, chest and more. These hand crafted wheels are individually made with love with the intention to increase the flow of prana to each new owner.

'Australian made Prana Wheels are created locally on the Gold Coast. Each wheel is hand crafted with love by Lee and Sara who are a husband and wife team that started creating these wheels after Lee had made one for myself. The benefits Lee experienced were fantastic and he wanted to spread this love with the yoga community in Australia. The intention is to open and expand therefore allowing prana to flow through the body. Prana Wheels were designed to assist your body in combination of breath and stretching to open and give freedom. By using the wheels in a daily practice, you can potenially start to increase the flexiblity of your spine, shoulders, quads, hips and release tension in chest. The Prana Wheel not only starts to improve your backbends in yoga, it allows you to open and increase the flow of prana to each Chakra. Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body, we have 7 major chakras and when they are all switched on and spinning your body is in optimun health. The Prana wheel assists in this process and we are very excited to share this with all of you .

How to use Prana Wheel

From kneeling, place hands on wheel and roll wheel away from knees. Keep hips high and breathe into any tightness in your shoulders. Avoid dropping ribs to floor, rather draw ribs towards your spine and breathe.
Inhale, raise arms above head and gently bend elbows. Hold the wheel squeezing your elbows towards each other. If your body allows, hold the wheel firmly, press into feet and take forearms towards the mat. Hold for at least 5 breaths in through the nose and out through the nose, nice and slowly. Gently release arms and roll spine back onto wheel.
Sit on the edge of your mat. Roll back on to Prana wheel aligning your spine to centre of wheel. Simply roll back and forth very gently along the wheel, pressing through the feet. Listen to your body and use your breath to open and expand areas that feel restricted or tight.

Kneel on your mat. Take your right leg and place calf on wheel, keep that knee bent to start. Drive your right hip back behind you, spread your sit bones and breathe into sacram. Broaden collarbones and breathe. Gently roll the wheel forward and back keeping alignment. Repeat on left side.

NB: Take this slowly keep your balance by holding the wheel or floor.

From kneeling, slowly place base of spine to wheel, very gently and consciously lie back with spine aligned on wheel. Bring arms down to the side and breathe into the front of your body.

NB: Please do not attempt if you have any knee injuries, lower back issues or severe tightness

Roll onto your shoulders. press down through your feet. Feet are hip width distance apart. If you feel its too much for your neck place a blanket under your shoulders to create space. Breathe into the front of your body. To feel more expansion through the front thighs tuck under the toes.

Our Prana Wheel is a great tool to assist in headstands. By holding the wheel firmly you activate your bicep and tricep muscles so you have a strong foundation. For more stability place wheel against the wall. Go slow and use strength to float rather then kick.

Available Prana Wheels

Original Prana Wheel (1.6KG)

Our Original Prana Wheels are designed to be used as a back roller to stretch, massage and align your spine. These wheels are perfect for the absolute beginner to the advanced yogi. Our Original wheels offer a gentle support as you lay back and breathe. This range of wheel has a bit of give when you roll offering a spine hugging stretch as you roll back and forth. Not only will these wheels open and assist in flexibilty it can all so be used to create stability and strength. Our Original wheels are very strong and will hold up to 150kg when rolling!

30cm Wide Diameter

13.5cm Wide Back Support

Available in 5 colours:
-Light Purple

$80.90 ($88.99 inc GST)

Solid Prana Wheel (2KG)

Our Solid Prana Wheels are the same size as our Original Prana Wheels. The difference is our solid wheels are more solid....This gives a firmer surface when you roll, they hold there shape when rolling so therefore this wheel offers a deeper extension for your spine to stretch out. This wheel is perfect for those who like a firmer surface to roll on, or want to use it for balancing and strength contitioning as it holds its shape when weight is on the wheel and is very strong. Our solid wheels hold up to 150kg.

30cm Wide Diameter

13.5cm Wide Back Support

available in 4 colours

($99.00 inc GST)

Mini Prana Wheel (0.9KG)

Our little Mini Prana wheels were created for the special little people in our lives. KIds love rolling on our wheels and the benefits for kids are endless. Promoting stretching and breathing this wheel allows the flow of Prana to incease throughout the body. Rolling on the wheel improves flexibility in the spine, shoulders and chest. Allows the mind to slow as you focus on breathing therefore a fantastic way for kids to calm the mind and relax. Little Mini Pranas are a great way to introduce yoga to little ones. To show them that meditation stretching and breathing is an important part of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Promoting heath and wellbeing in the next generation. Happy and healthy spines for the whole family!

23cm Wide Diameter

10cm Wide Back Support

available in 3 colours

$72.70 ($79.97 inc GST)

DVD Prana Wheel 

Classes to help guide you using a Prana Wheel.
-Improve Flexibility
-Build Strength and Stability
-Increase Mobility
-Backbend Safely

$18.00 ($19.80 inc GST)

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