Pro Stretch Tube with Protective Sleeve

Product Code: rtYAT/protube/slv/

(handles vary - see below)

Pro Stretch Tube with Safety Sleeve

  • technology incorporates a safety sleeve that encloses latex tubing and protects it from ultraviolet light, body oils, and nicks and cuts from daily use
  • the safety sleeve also provides safety stretch limitations
  • different resistances (see details below) enable both, strength and rehabilitation uses
  • foam handles allow a comfortable and secure hold


Available Resistance Levels:

Resistance Colour Length
Light Yellow 130cm
Medium Green 130cm
Heavy Red 130cm
Extra Heavy Blue 130cm


$8.00 each ($8.80 inc GST)

Handle Options

Fixed Handles

Features a thicker, hole punched handle that is designed to not be disconnected.

Detachable Handles

A thinner, D-link design that is attatched by clips on the end of the tube. Good for if you want to clip your tube to something else!

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