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Pull Up System® by Bob and Brad

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Created by physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, the Pull-Up System allows you to perform arm and core strength training exercises, including pull-ups and chin-ups, using a variety of grip variations to target different muscle groups.

The Pull-Up System includes two pull-up units, two handles, three wall anchors, mounting hardware and installation instructions. Designed to handle 200 lbs. per handle (400 lbs. total), the Pull-Up System is easy to assemble and is compact; it doesn’t take up much wall space. The Pull-Up System can be used for a variety of arm and core strength exercises.

The installation of three wall anchors allows you to attach the handles to two anchors side-by-side or two anchors farthest from each other for narrow-based and wide-based variations. Adjusting your grip (palms facing toward you, away from you, or facing each other) provides additional variation options.

You can also perform passive and active hanging, which is often recommended for shoulder pain and as a form of traction to help relieve back pain. Exercises you can do with the Pull-Up System include:

  • Pull-ups

  • Neutral Grip Pull-ups

  • Twist Pull-Ups

  • Chin-ups

  • Twist Chin-ups

  • Passive Hanging

  • Active Hanging

The Pull-Up System includes:

  • To pull-up units

  • Two handles

  • Three wall anchors

  • Six screws

The Pull-Up System includes a guide with installation instructions and exercises.

View more videos on uses for the Pull-Up System here: https://www.optp.com/pull-up-system-videos