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Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolsters

Product Code: rtYABr3

Please note that if you are buying in bulk, you are more than welcome to mix & match all of our Bolsters and still receive the bulk discount!

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A good alternative to the more commonly used round yoga bolster is the rectangular shaped version. These bolsters can provide a wonderful cushioned comfort and a sense of stability when used during your practice.
These bolsters have a medium/standard density which keeps them at a nice middle ground that is suitable for all types of practices.

  • Large, rectangular shape. Sizes are approximate depending on how they are zippered, compacted and plumped

  • Flat surface gives stability and contoured sides provide comfort

  • Ideal when sitting against a wall, or place under the spine to open chest when laying in savasana

  • Popular alternative to round bolsters (less chance of a rollaway bolster!)

  • Handles on both ends

  • Premium grade for maximum durability

  • Both sizes have removable covers for easy washing

  • Only available in Navy Blue (as pictured)

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