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Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolsters

Product Code: rtYABr3

Please note that if you are buying in bulk, you are more than welcome to mix & match all of our Bolsters and still receive the bulk discount!

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A good alternative to the more commonly used round yoga bolster is the rectangular shaped version. These bolsters can provide a wonderful cushioned comfort and a sense of stability when used during your practice.
These bolsters have a medium/standard density which keeps them at a nice middle ground that is suitable for all types of practices.

  • Large, rectangular shape. Sizes are approx depending on how they are zippered, compacted and plumped.

  • Flat surface gives stability and contoured sides provide comfort.

  • Ideal when sitting against a wall, or place under the spine to open chest when lying in savasana

  • Popular alternative to round bolsters
    (less balancing).

  • Premium grade for maximum durability

  • Both sizes have removable covers for easy washing

  • Handles at both ends

approx. 62cm x 15cm x 10cm


1-3 Units

$32.00 ($35.20 inc GST)

4-9 Units

$23.00 ($25.30 inc GST)

10+ Units

$21.00 ($23.10 inc GST)

approx. 62cm x 15cm x 30cm

1-3 Units

$57.00 ($62.70 inc GST)

4-9 Units

$45.00 ($49.50 inc GST)

10+ Units

$38.00 ($41.80 inc GST)

20+ Units

$36.00 ($39.60 inc GST)

Our Rectangular Bolsters both have removable covers which makes washing them super easy!
Simply remove the cover and put the cover through the washing machine on a cold wash.

Both sizes are only available in Navy Blue.

Bulk Discounts are now available with this product. Please note that you are more than welcome mix and match these bolsters with our other ones to get the bulk pricing.

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