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Relax Into Yoga for Seniors with Kimberly Carson & Carol Krucoff

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This DVD combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Kimberly and Carol's extensive experience working with older adults and people with health challenges has helped them create safe, effective practices that bring the benefits of yoga to virtually everyone.

Safe and Simple Practices for Seniors and People with Health Challenges

Movement, awareness and relaxation practices are essential tools of self-care for maintaining health, ease and dignity through our lifespan. However, for older adults and people with health challenges, safety is paramount and the particular requirements for this population are often not clearly understood withing the yoga community.

Based on the pioneering Yoga for Seniors teachers training - offered at Duke Integrative Medicine and the Kripalu Cnter for Yoga and Health, Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff's careful approach is informed by their own extensive experience working with seniors in medical settings as well as important movement guidelines endorsed by the scientific research community. This has enabled them to create safe, effective and enjoyable practices that are accessible to virtually anyone who can breathe.

The Relax Into Yoga for Seniors DVD provides the following benefits:

  • Maintain or increase strength and mobility

  • Promote balance, flexibility and confidence

  • Develop relaxation skills for mind and body

  • Provide accessible practices for people of all ages, fitness and mobility levels

Highlights include:

  • Seated Sequence: Poses are done seated in a chair

  • Seated and Standing Sequence: Standing poses are done near a sturdy chair

  • Up and Down Sequence: All postures are done lying down

  • Relaxation Sequence: Seated practice to calm your nervous system

  • Core-Strengthening: Postures to strengthen the abdomen and back

  • Balance-Building: Standing postures to promote strength and stability

Special Features:

  • Large English Subtitle option for all material

  • Bonus MP3s for portable practice