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Resistance Band Wall Anchor

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$59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)



These versatile clips are designed to secure resistance bands during exercise, ensuring they won't slip. Each clip is capable of accomodating a pull force of up to 800 pounds (approx. 360kg!), and features three attachment points that are compatible with resistance bands and tubes.

The wall anchor kit comtains three clips, allowing for lower, middle and upper positions on the wall. Installing at these heighs produces a variety of different angles for hundreds of different movements, letting you target specific areas of the body such as legs, abdominals, chest, shoulders and arms.

Wall Anchors are perfect for:

  • General fitness

  • High intensity training

  • Cardio

  • Core strengthening

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehabilitative purposes

  • General stretching

Each kit contains:

  • Three wall clips

  • Exercise poster

  • Access to online exercise videos

  • Screws for installation (6)

  • Installation instructions

**Please note: Clips must be firmly attached into a wall stud using two screws**