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Tan - Extra Soft Resistance Yellow - Soft Resistance Red - Medium Resistance Green - Firm Resistance Blue - Extra Firm Resistance

OPTP Resistive Exercise Putty

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$13.00 each ($14.30 inc GST)



OPTP's Exercise Putty is perfect for hand therapy, finger rehabilitation exercises and stress relief.

Whether treating arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery or just working on hand and finger strength, OPTP’s Resistive Exercise Putty is available in multiple color-coded resistance levels to match the application. The non-hardening silicone elastomer formula offers a controlled, consistent density and will not leave a greasy residue on your skin.

Exercise Putty comes in three-ounce air-tight resealable containers and is available in five resistances:

Tan - Extra Soft

Yellow - Soft

Red - Medium

Green - Firm

Blue - Extra Firm

Increase your hand strength, dexterity and mobility anywhere, anytime!