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Rice Dot DRUM Yoga Blocks

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A creative spin on the block. Its rounded edges support the curves of your body and help your muscles stay actively engaged while in balancing poses.

Product Features:

  • When used on its side it allows you to remain active while in balancing poses.
  • When used flat it serves as a block for stability.
  • Great for chest opening and propel down to the small of your back to open your hips.
  • recycle...repurpose...reborn


  • 30% rice husk, 70% EVA foam
  • The ultimate sustainable prop
  • Rice husk, a byproduct of rice grain production that would otherwise occupy landfills, creates a moisture barrier and a stress-resistant, stronger block
  • EVA is a polymer that, blended with rice husk, creates the perfect balance of flexibility and strength, water-proofing and UV resistance
  • Light weight with naturally occuring air bubbles
  • Dyes are heavy metal/azo/lead free
  • Siz: Approx diam 25cm, thickness 10cm, weight .30kg
  • chamfered edge

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$9.95 ($10.95 inc GST)