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Cushioning Stair Rug Hold (Sound Insulation)

Product Code: rtexy

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Best Cushioning: EXTRA (5mm thick, no holes) adhesive one side.


This is the thickest, most luxurious cushion underlay for under a stair case carpet or rug runner to stop sliding on hard floor.
It provides excellent non-slip and keeps spills from reaching your floor.
Approx 5mm thick.
Width: 80cm wide
Weight: approx 1.25 Kg/m

Perfect also under runners for uneven floors e.g. tiles, concrete.
Long lasting resilience.  Highly tear resistant. Protects the rug back and improves performance of the surface pile.
Impervious to water in bathrooms. Best insulation from walking noise on hard stairs, cold or against heat loss.

Cut lengths or Rolls up to 20m length Widths cm: 80cm 
Bonus Easy Lay
: one side coated with special acrylic base adhesive (the other side has a PE protective film). Prevents bridging and buckling especially in pre-cut short pieces.

When laying runners on hard cement floors, it is often ideal to use the sticky barrier to neutralise and help prevent chemicals from the cement wandering in to the underlay. Also, in the case that you want to have both sides fixed down, the runner to the underlay and the underlay to the floor, this product makes the task faster and easier. Carpet fixers and home owners also find it easier to use the glue backing rather than tacking the whole item to the stairs and finding later on that when removed there are not tack or nail holes on a wooden floor.
Naturally anti-microbial, mould and mildew resistant and Guaranteed for 10 years to maintain all non-slip properties.

"Do u have a product I can use on top of parquetry Floors and Stairs to stop noise resonating to the apartment below me?
Thanks, Armida"