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AKO Safety Matting

Product Code: rtSMr/SP/20kg

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$99.00 ($108.90 inc GST) Per Metre
$790.00 ($869.00 inc GST) Per 10 Metre Roll




These roll-out safety mats are ideal for any place needing a durable, non-skid, soundproof and cushioned floor in heavy traffic areas and corridors. AKO Safety Mat is highly slip resistant especially when used outdoors in wet or icy conditions - made in Germany for European winters.

  • Highly Slip Resistant - even outdoor in wet or icy conditions
    tested according to DIN 4102 by the German Institute for Occupational Safety (BIA) achieving the highest possible certification for slip resistance.

  • Safety Mat is made from 95% PVC, incorporating a slip-resistant PVC granulate coating on a tear-resistant, rot protected PES/Glasfiber yarn

  • Open structure allows water and liquids to drain away

  • Tear resistant, extremely hard wearin

  • Easy to fit & cut to shape. Dimensionally stable and durable.

  • Easy clean

  • Suitable for all surface types - grass, bitumen, concrete, decks, sand, dirt etc.

  • Perfect for Ramps, Stairs, Walkways, Handicap Accessway, Outdoors, Boat Docks, Factory, Home & Garden, Ski Lodges, Retirement & Day Care Centers, Greenhouse floor drainage mat etc

  • UV Resistant

  • Temperature Resistant to +60 degrees C

  • Excellent cushioning

  • Absorbs the sound of annoying footsteps on ramps and walkways

  • Helps stop sweating in aluminium boats

  • Rot proof

  • Anti Fatiguing (ideal in front of work stations)

  • 2 year warranty with proper use

  • Non-flammable from cigarettes

  • Temporary or permanent use. Easy roll out and back up.

  • Advertising prints available

Non-slip time trial mat for running
Mats for RFID timing of marathons, iron man events, cycling events etc. The competitors wear an RFID tag on their shoes or leg strap and as they pass over the mat the tag is energised and sends its code back to the mat which is then relayed to the timing officials. We have tried a few combinations of mat types but have found the Safety Mat to be by far the best.

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