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SAMTEN SUN & MOON Inflatable Travel Meditation Cushions

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$55.00 ($60.50 inc GST)



Samten SUN Cushions:   BLACK, MAROON RED or NAVY BLUE 

The SAMTEN® inflatable mobile meditation cushion is

  • Space Saving
    With a weight of only 260 grams, it is extremely light and as flat as a Frisbee. Thus, it takes up very little space in your luggage.
  • Precise Fitting
    The height of the SAMTEN® cushion can be adjusted from 5 to 20 cm. Therefore it is the perfect companion for every meditator.
  • Stable
    The SAMTEN® cushion has a 2-chamber sustem for perfect stability. This is excellent even for long sitting sessions.
  • Medically Healthy
  • The SAMTEN® cushion has also proven to relieve spinal pain. It can also be used as a chair pad and will act like a medicine ball.Use for camping as a pillow, sitting on a beach, a meditation class anywhere. Adds comfort to seats on long plane trips.
  • Use in combination with our Meditation Mat - click here

The SAMTEN® Mobile Meditation cushion brings together three main uses; meditation cushion, a chair pad relieving your spine, and seat or travel pillow. The SAMTEN® is the only meditation cushion that supports meditators ergonomically to sit up straight and relieve the spine by its air cushioning and its special construction.

Product attributes

  • Height adjustable from 5 to 20 cm
  • Flat as a frisbee, easy carry anywhere
  • Automatically finds body centre by air suspension
  • Suitable for longer seating
  • Load up to 120 kg maximum
  • Easy to clean, only hand wash, not suitable for washing machines!

Product description

  • Weight 260g
  • 2-chamber system
  • Diameter 30cm
  • Height 5 to 20cm
  • Bottom made from sturdy PVC
  • Cover is made from cloth-PVC (feels like velvet)

Also Available in Moon Shape!

General Use Instructions
The SAMTEN® cushion has expecially efficient safety valves, which have to be pressed at the basis during inflation and deflation

Care Instructions
The SAMTEN® consists of flock-PVC. It can be cleaned easily with a lint brush, a splicing tape toller or a damp cloth with a gentle washing liquid. Not fit for washing machines!

The SAMTEN® cushion shouldnt be broiled on extreme temperatures, as the material might get porous. Naturally, SAMTEN® should never get in contact with spiky objects.

To see how to use, please see youtube below

Two sizes available, Sun (round shape) or Moon (crescent shape)

Available in BLACK, NAVY BLUE or MAROON RED (as above)

$55.00 each ($60.50 inc. GST)