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Sandbags are often used in both yoga and pilates to deepen stretches by placing the sandbag on your knees during seated poses, on your thigh in a kneeling pose, or to stretch your arms behind your back. Bags contain a velcro zippered system so that you can easily fill the sandbags with any dry item such as sand, beans, wheat, corn, or rice. You can then adjust to your desired weight. The outer liner can easily be removed and washed. Several poses are listed below for using the sandbags. Your sandbag weight seems to disappear as you work through your poses. Properly placed, the yoga sandbag can help increase your stretch.


  • Use yoga sand bag on shoulders, or tricep dip stretch
  • Use yoga sand bag on thighs (hero's pose) or reclined leg stretch.
  • Use yoga sand bag on abdomen (breathing) deep relaxation pose.
  • Use yoga sand bag under feet (hamstring stretch) or buttocks (lift)
  • Soft washed 8 oz purple cotton drill cover, or colored vinyls



Dramatically improves strength, power, balance and coordination.
Some of these lifts are well known: Squat and lift; Snatch and lift, Zercher Tukish Get-Up (Bag on a shoulder, squat low, lie back, sit up, return to standing position), Loading 
(rotational exercise involving lifting the bag up onto a platform adjacent to yourself). Bent over rows, Lunging etc. Many can be found on the internet if you search on SANDBAG TRAINING.

Sandbag Training
Unlike other weights, sandbags do change their shape as their weight shifts during lifting and that requires a great degree of coordination and balance.
Full body lifts are a very functional means of improving cardiovascular fitness. More blood flows through the body as legs, hips, core, arms, back, shoulders etc work with the lifting"

    5 Kilo bag available without sand

    • High quality cotton exterior
    • Add filling to any desired weight (max 5kg)
    • Machine washable outer liner
    • Incredibly easy to fill
    • Zippered inner lining to avoid leakage
    • Tough velcro seal on outer lining

    Size & Pricing Details: 

    small 4.5kg (approx) 45cm x 20cm with sand & handle $23.00
    ($25.30 inc GST)
    withOUT sand*,  with handle (pictured above)
    ($12.10 inc GST)
    10 or more withOUT sand*,  with handle $8.00
    ($8.80 inc GST)
    medium 10.0kg (approx) 47cm x 31cm with sand, no handle $39.00
    ($42.90 inc GST)
    withOUT sand*,  no handle $37.00
    ($40.70 inc GST)
    large 15.0kg (approx) 50cm x 34cm with sand, no handle $55.00
    ($60.50 inc GST)
    withOUT sand*,  no handle $53.00
    ($58.30 inc GST)
    x-large 20.0kg (approx) not specified with sand, no handle $70.00
    ($77.00 inc GST)
    xx-large 25.0kg (approx) not specified with sand, no handle $83.00
    ($91.30 inc GST)

    *) Covers without sand can be purchased at a reduced price. Ideal for export.

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