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TOPGRIP Grip Rubber

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Our manufacturers make heavy demands on quality and functionality of sports products for biathlon, golf, tennis etc. The excellent features of our products in efficiency and durability have made us famous.

We ask you to please check the suitability of the material for your purpose before you cut, sew or glue it to the final product. We are not responsible for expenses which are caused by wrong material or taking the material from the final product if it is not fit for the purpose.

Restore lost grip on your shooting mat, jacket or pants. Replace work elbow pads. Stop elbow moving on thigh. Stop knee moving on ground. Stop foot moving on your backside.

[ Granulated surface of PVC - no holes ]


TOP GRIP (BLACK sandy grain type, as above)
A smooth interlock cotton knit, surface is coated with a PVC-plastic and coarse granulated non-slip surface. Examples of applications: to all critical areas in the work and freetime textiles. Material is easy to cut and sew. Topgrip can be used in the shooting clothing at elbows, shoulder, knees and seat to eliminate movement. Made in Finland.

  • Grips even in moist conditions
  • Useful for wheel-chair push mitts or foot plates, shooting jackets, pants, mat or stands

Often used rifle grip in the Olympic Games.


Available in half sheet or full square (approx mm)

2.0mm Thick
510mm x 800mm $60.00 ($66.00 inc GST)
1020 mm x 800mm $100.00 ($110.00 inc GST)

4.0mm Thick
510mm x 800mm $78.00 ($85.80 inc GST)
1020 mm x 800mm $130.00 ($143.00 inc GST)


PIMPLED RUBBER (BLACK) (table tennis bat type)


Sheets 920m wide x 250mm wide x 1.6mm thick
Price $50.00 ($55 inc GST)

Non-Adhesive natural rubber. Very grippy for non-slip.
Made in Germany. You can also buy this by the metre, rolls up to 50mtrs long!

This is the 'pimples out' type you see on ping pong paddles, these pimples are suitable for players with a fast blocking or counter hitting game. They also help you to return attacking / offensive shots with unpredictable results.