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Gliding Sliding Discs

Product Code: rtyafbal/discs/F00165/.15P/.2C

Please note that the Sliding Discs are sold in sets of two!

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$15.50 ($17.05 inc GST)



Double-sided for versatility, sliding discs work on both carpet and hard surfaces for a total body workout. From lunges and squats to upper-body exercises, you'll target specific muscle groups through gliding these sliding discs and tone your entire body. Plus, with virtually every move, you'll engage your core. These gliding fitness discs are a lot of fun.

  • 2 double-sided sliding discs 17.8cm diameter.

  • Smooth side for carpet, neoprene side for hard floor

Buy 1 to 9 pair: $15.50 pair ($17.05 inc GST)
Buy 10 or more pair: $14.00 pair ($15.40 inc GST)