Egg Exercising

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Price from $14 - depending on ordered quantities


This small gel filled egg shaped ball is ideal for exercising your hands anywhere or for anti-stress. Keep in your pocket or bag for travelling.

Squeeze the egg in any direction to target the required muscles. After a few uses you will already notice a marked increase in finger, hand and arm coordination and strength, whilst also toning your forearms, improving dexterity and the stability of your wrist.

Here are some usage examples:


Five densities available in strengthening sequence:

Extra Soft: yellow
Medium: green
Firm: blue
Extra Firm:

Single Price $18.00 / set of 5 balls  ($19.80 inc GST)

Buy 4 sets of 5 or more and pay only $14.00 / set of 5 balls 
($15.40 inc GST)


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