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Soft Touch Weight Ball

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From $9.90



Soft Touch Weight Ball / Throw

Price from $9.80 - depending on weight & ordered quantities (see details below)


These are like a soft mini hand medicine ball, the weight balls have a durable outer shell with filler. Very comfortable grip. Colour coded by weight.

This ball does not bounce, great for throwing and rehabilitation exercise, safe for weight exercise and fits palm of hand to be suitable for arm movements. Good for resistance, lower, upper, core and rotational body training, push-ups, leg raises. Very durable for class work. 

Much cheaper than 'Grip Balls'. As conditioning improves, user may progress to heavier weights which are color coded.


Balls are generic. Weights shown in table below. Quantity Discount of 10% to orders over 6 balls.
Balls can be made softer or harder by adjusting air (with bicycle pump and pin)

Weight Price
(Qtty 1-5 balls)
(Qtty 6+ balls)
0.5kg / 1lb
$11 each
($12.10 inc GST)
$9.90 each
($10.89 inc GST)
1.0kg / 2lb
$12 each
($13.20 inc GST)
$10.80 each
($11.88 inc GST)
1.5kg / 3 lb
$13 each
($14.30 inc GST)
$11.70 each
($12.87 inc GST)
2.0kg / 4 lb
$14 each
($15.40 inc GST)
$12.60 each
($13.86 inc GST)

NOTE: Colours are subject to change. Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same as previous orders.

Do you want to get more out of your Pilates Training using a soft touch weight ball? We offer a couple of training DVDs featuring toning balls:
Level 3 (intermediate): Amazing Tone Level 2 (beginner): Total Body Toning

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