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SpineDok Deluxe Travel System

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SpineDok™ Holistic Back Care

How does SpineDok™ work?

SpineDok™ gives a comfortable, uplifting stretch that simply feels better. It's unique network of curves provide a firm structure for safe, gradual, conditioning and pain relief for each of the three spinal regions.

Resting on SpineDok's™ system of curves will gently stretch, align and relax your enture back.

5 minutes a day is all it takes to

  • Enjoy relief from back pain
  • Loosen chronically tight muscles in neck & shoulder areas
  • Develop better posture
  • Enjoy a better quality of life

Who can benefit from SpineDok™?

Anyone who needs relief for the entire back, as well as chronically tight shoulder & neck muscles! From stress related tension and sudden twinges to more serious upper and lower back issues, SpineDok™ can alleviate back pain and discomfort in just minutes a day. SpineDok™is also perfect for those wishing to stretch and strengthen their backs, improve their posture, or achieve better overall fitness and health. 

 What parts of the back does SpineDok™ address?

Only SpineDok™ combines the top natural nethods for pain and tension relief for chronically tight shoulders, neck, lower and upper back. Lying on the SpineDok™ arch allows the forces of gravity to gently open up the vertebrae of the spine. When the apex (highest point) of these asymmentrial curves is positioned around the area of the T4 vertebrate, the SpineDok™ helps to open up, stretch, and relax the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. When the apex is placed under the user's spine near the bottom of the rub cage, SpineDok™ relaxes, stretches, and opens up the lower back. Furthermore, only SpineDok™ employs a symmetrical lateral curve that helps open up the upper chest and back from shoulder-to-shoulder to provide a more comprehensive and thorough upper AND lower back stretch. Additionally, the SpineDok's™ smooth curves also activate and massage acupresure points along your spine as you stretch.

 The SpineDok™ Deluxe Travel system includes the following:

Portable Travel Bag

Don't let travel interrupt your SpineDok™ practice! With the SpineDok™ Portable Travel Bag you can get relief from back pain and muscle tension anytime, anywhere. Large enough to house the base unit, 3-piece riser set, gel pack, and pillow, the sturdy and convenient Travel Bag features a shoulder strap and handle, enabling you to bring your SpineDok™ System with you and continue your practice on the go. Made of 100: polyester with a 100% polypropylene strap, measures 74.5cm long x 22.5cm wide x 11 high. Weight is 255g.

Spinedoc™ Base
The SpineDok™base unit employs a unique network of curves that provide a firm structure for safe, gradual conditioning of the spine and relief from both upper and lower back pain as well as tight neck and shoulder muscles. The base unit is made of clear Polycarbonate Plastic, measures 65cm long x 20cm wide x 7cm high.  Weight is 1.8kg.

Gel Pack

Using the Gel Pack with the SpineDok™ provides a soft, cloud like experience. You can also achieve an even deeper stretch through the use of heat or cold. The SpineDok™ Gel Pack is filled with distilled water, comes in a 100% cotton washable cloth cover with Velcro closure for easy positioning, measures 20cm long x  12cm wide. Weight is 1.2kg.

3-Piece Riser Set

The Riser Set enhances the SpineDok™ experience and increases the stretch by providing additional height. The Risers are generally added after using the SpineDok™ for approximately 3 weeks. Once you become comfortable with the SpineDok™ Base, you may add up to 2 sets of Risers to the unit.


The included pillow provides firm support for your head and neck as you begin your SpineDok™ practice. You may also wish to place additional pillows beneath your elbows and knees as you get started.

Multi Media

An easy-to-follow instructional DVD includes step-by-step set up directions as well as several suggested SpineDok™ exercises. These exercises will help you maximise the results of your SpineDok™ practice.


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