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SPSS with Reformer & Vertical Frame

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Rehabilitate and help to prevent client injuries with this beginner level workout. Using the Reformer with Vertical Frame or the V2 Max Plus™, along with the Reformer Box and Platform Extender. You’ll learn to help your clients develop stability, mobility and coordination through the enhancement of their muscular strength.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner (Level 1 of 5)

LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, Spanish

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Reformer with Vertical Frame or V2 Max Plus™, Reformer Box, Platform Extender


Learn how a mindful selection of exercises, cues, and levels of resistance can specifically target each type of muscle to achieve optimal results. This workout focuses on the rehabilitation of the spine, pelvis, and scapula on the Rehab Reformer with Vertical Frame and includes tips on how to monitor local stability and muscular recruitment patterns.

DVD Contents

  • 20 exercises
  • Workout Time - 71 min
  • DVD Length - 212 min


EXERCISES: Footwork, Single Leg, Sleeper, Midback Series, Back Rowing Preps, Unilateral with Rotation, Side Arm Preps, Sitting, Side Twist, Sitting, Front Rowing Preps, Scapula Isolation, Swan Dive Prep, Arms Pulling Straps, Mermaid, Hip Rolls, Single Thigh Stretch, Side Splits, Bend & Stretch, Lift & Lower, Adductor Stretch, Short Spine Prep

BONUS CLIPS: Therapeutic Foundation for STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation, Reformer with Vertical Frame & V2 Max Plus™ Features & Safety, V2 Max Plus Pulleys Bonus 1 & 2

Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Choose to work out with or without instructor's voice
  • Preview another challenging title
  • View instructors' bios
  • Learn more about STOTT PILATES® Equipment and Education