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Stair Tread Safety Installation

Product Code: rtRL015/2k

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simply cut tread length

apply to rug back, peel off and stick to stair

Are you hoping to use Stair Tread mats to lessen footfall noise on hardwood? There is always a problem when attempting t stop braided or other stair treads sliding off wooden stairs.

RUG-LOCK STAIR SAFE semi-stick will keep Stair tread mats perfectly in place, even with heavy traffic and vaccuming over. Very easy to install and can be easily removed and repositioned. Thin profile doesn't damage any floor surface

This roll is made in a special tread size to ensure that the stair mat you have is securely placed for long wear and safety.

Use Instructions:

  • Can be used under mat on CLEAN (no fluff) hard floor stairs or carpeted stairs.
  • Reusable a few times but first touch is best grip.
  • If carpet base is new, ALL fluff must be vaccuumed out before installation or proper grip will not be maintained and tread may come loose.
  • It is analagous to trying to put sticky tape on clean glass or a dusty surface.
  • Always re-check for safe securing if cleaners or preschoolers are lifting mats etc.
  • In case RUG-LOCK gets dirty or full of fluff or has been lifted too many times, be safe and just cut another piece off the roll.

One full roll is 15cm wide x 9.25 m long of double faced adhesive padding, enough to do 13 stair treads at 72cm each. Just measure, cut, peel off the protective foil and press down. Simply cut with household scissors.

Other uses: Alternatively to holding any rugs, Use double sided RUG-LOCK on walls to hold posters, photos, notes etc.

OUR PRICE: Roll 9.25m  -  $39.95 per roll ($43.95 inc GST) (about $3 / tread).

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