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The next generation fitness ball

Stediball™ combines a world class burst resistant fitness ball with a free-flowing stabilizing material that adds 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) weight to the ball. The inner material is specially formulated to freely move in different directions when using the Stediball™ both on the ground and in the air.

The fact that the Stediball™ won’t roll away makes it the ideal fitness ball for the gymnasium, clinic, studio and office!

Pick it up and move

When you pick up and move the Stediball™ its inner material flows freely to engage your core muscles and stabilizers in a new and challenging way. When moving slowly the Stediball™ helps with muscle conditioning and when moving fast Stediball™ provides muscle activation.

In addition to audio cues from the moving material, the translucency of Stediball™ allows visual references while performing unique exercises like rotations, circles and
figures 8’s.

The free-flowing material inside the Stediball enables unique exercises, dynamic routines and improved performance while increasing stability and safety... it stays steady and won't roll away.

Safety and Resistance

Resistance from the inner Stediball™ material allows beginners, rehabilative users and the elderly to more safely perform exercises that are often too difficult to carry out on a normal fitness ball.

Advanced Exercises

Stediball™’s stabilizing material allows it to be used for unique exercises and dynamic routines & progressions that are not possible with a normal fitness ball.

The Stediball™ allows more explosive activity to be performed, which burns more calories, results in a higher heart rate and is specific to improving athletic performance.

Check out other Stediball videos at the Stediball Youtube Channel!


To inflate the stediball you just need a bicycle pump, foot pump or airline hose at your local petrol station. It comes with clear adaptors that can be screwed onto these if needed.


  • 65cm Diametre.
  • Free of phthalates, latex, lead and BPA.
  • Burst Resistance of 350 static kilograms.

1 $59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)
2-4 $53.00 ($58.30 inc GST)
5-9 $52.00 ($57.20 inc GST)
10+ $50.00 ($55.00 inc GST)
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All balls 65cm metallic Purple translucent color