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Stick-e KNEE & WRIST SAVER Yoga Blocks

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tiny block to save your wrists during work-out from $26.50



The original Stick-e® Yoga Wrist SaverT™ has a unique patent pending design that provides comfort and support to the wrists! The Wrist SaverT™ is designed to decrease stress in the delicate wrist joint.


ONE SIZE FITS ALL $26.50  ($29.15 inc GST) for a pair

Stick-e® Yoga Wrist Saver™

By elevating the heel of the hand, the Wrist SaverTM lessens extreme extension of the wrist, making exercises much more comfortable.   
The benefits of Stick-e®Yoga Wrist SaverTM are:
  • comfort and support during upper body weight bearing exercises
  • less stress on the wrist joint
  • hold longer poses
  • non-slip
  • virtually weightless for continuous wear during a yoga session
  • cushion for the palm of the hand
  • Orthopedic Surgeon approved
  • one size

It's not uncommon for people to experience wrist problems and pain when doing weight bearing exercises from push ups or yoga poses such as Sun Salutations, planks, crane poses and more.  This is generally caused because of the extreme range of extension required of the wrist to support the body in these poses.  The Stick-e®Yoga Wrist SaverTM is designed to elevate the heel of the hand to lessen the degree of extension providing more comfort and less strain. 

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The Wrist Saver is also a Knee Saver and can you used on ankles, elbows, behind the neck and wherever support and cushioning is needed. View below:

User Reviews:

"The new workout tool provides a slip-proof grip while also supporting your wrists...the result of which is a painless push-up or Plank position." Pilates Style Magazine Jan/February 2010

"I LOVE THEM !!!! I had carpal tunnel surgery in my right wrist and the wrist savers help." Caralyn Allen Brown, Memphis TN 01/12/10

" I was using those 'perfect push-up' wheels because I have neuropathy in my thumbs and wrists. They're hard and cumbersome. She let me use her Stick-e wristsavers. They were amazing!" R. Mallory, Brandon MS 02/27/10

"We used them outdoors with the Stick-e socks too"  DF & JL

"I tested the sticky wrist savers, and I am now a huge fan! I was able to hold poses longer. I was so comfortable and the product was so easy to use. Love love love it! Several people in my class expressed interest in your products as well. I think a knee saver might be a great help too. One of my friends expressed an interest in possibly having the savers in different fashion colors to match mats." April Forsythe, Kopperl TX 01/31/10

"I just tried my new Stick-e Wrist Savers. Wonderful is all that I can say...The Stick-e Wrist Savers did not slip once. The cushion for each Stick-e wrist saver is more than enough for the displacement of upper body support. Personally I have tiny hands and I still felt confident in using Yoga Stick-e Wrist Savers." Healthy Nacogdoches, Yoga Stick-e Socks Facebook Fan Page 02/01/10

"These are great! I can finally do push ups and hold plank position without my wrists giving out!" Linda Connolly, Yoga Stick-e Socks Fan Page on Facebook 01/22/09

ONE SIZE FITS ALL $26.50  ($29.15 inc GST) for a pair