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Adjustable Stretch Board

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Foot Stretch Board and Wedge is adjustable into 6 different positions. Angles from 15º through to 39º .  Helps your legs to be sturdy, slim and strong. There are some suggested exercises on the Foot Stretch Board to do below.

Price $38.00 ($41.80 inc GST)


The Stretch Board makes your legs sturdy, slim and strong. You can easily improve your flexibility and elasticity of your muscles. After use, the pace while walking will be lighter.

The Stretch Board allows you to adjust it to the angle that is suitable for your flexibility. This way you can monitor your level and increase over time. Many various exercises can be performed on this Stretch Board (see details below).

You can use the Stretch Board as a wedge to increase calf and hamstring stretches  Keep stretching your hands up and breath freely and then start swinging your body to the left and right several times Put your hands on your knees and then squat down a little, spreading the knees to the side. Leave your heels on the board. Repeat several times