Stretch Resistance Single Bands (Latex Free TPE)

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TPE Stretch Band - Latex & PVC FREE

These Latex free bands are available in 7 different colours that represent different resistance levels (see details below). The standard reliable, effective bands are a great tool to improve strength and your range of motion. Excellent for upper and lower body therapy. Proper use of these stretch resistance bands provides a positive as well as negative force on your muscles.

These TPE Stretch Bands are perfect for everyone suffering from latex allergies or skin irritations.

 Stretch Resistance Bands Benefits:

  • Tone and shape arms, legs, buttocks
  • Portable design for a workout anywhere
  • Rehab, fitness & general training
  • Ideal for warming up for golf, yoga, tennis, aerobics or  any sport
  • Price comparison given in metres

Resistance Levels:

Yellow Green Red Blue Black Gray Violet
X-Light Light Medium Heavy X-Heavy XX-Heavy XXX-Heavy


Pricing Details:

Type Colour / Resistance Price per metre Total Price
120cm Band Yellow (X-Light) $6.58 $7.50 ($8.25 inc GST)
120cm Band Green (Light) $7.42 $8.50 ($9.35 inc GST)
120cm Band Red (Medium) $8.25 $9.50 ($10.45 inc GST)
120cm Band Blue (Heavy) $9.08 $10.50 ($11.55 inc GST)
120cm Band Black (X-Heavy) $9.92 $11.50 ($12.65 inc GST)
120cm Band Gray (XX-Heavy) $10.33 $12.00 ($13.20 inc GST)
120cm Band Violet (XXX-Heavy) $10.33 $12.00 ($13.20 inc GST)


Here are some sample exercises that can be performed with the Stretch Band:

Watch more videos using stretch bands:

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