T Spheres

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#1 self care massage tool in the USA


More than a massage ball!

Massage & Aromatherapy in one portable product, T Spheres are innovative and unique self-massaging tools developed from over 15 years of research and development. This natural way to relieve pain form the body combines the two most scientifically researched alternative methods for stress relief. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils into purified, perfectly weighted organic rubber compound has never been accomplished before, making T Spheres the only massage ball with both beneficial attributes. Each set comes with a spray-top re-infuser and simple 'how to use' pictorial instructions in a travel bag.

Aromatherapy + Massage:
Aromatherapy is released from t spheres upon contact. This enables the central nervous system to respond to stress levels naturally. Each set brings with it specific beneficial qualities. The breath is key to releasing tension and the aromatherapy aspect of t spheres reminds your body to breathe while you self-massage.

Additional ways to use your t spheres®:
Hot massage: Boil for 5 minutes, remove and pat dry or microwave for 2 minutes.
Cold technique: Place in freezer for 30 minutes or store in the freezer (use a zip lock bag to retain freshness). This technique is suggested for headache relief.



(27mm tiny t spheres®)
infused with the most versatile essential oil - lavender -
for reducing headaches, calming nerves, anxiety & stress...
final destination: relaxation

Lavendar's beneficial qualities:
Alleviates headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress
recommended for muscular aches, joint pain & backache
Induces sleep


(27mm tiny t spheres®)
peppermint infused to mend those tired feet, mouse-moving hands and overworked brains

Peppermint’s beneficial qualities:
Used as a decongestant & analgesic
Stimulates & reduces fatigue, increases
mental alertness
Used traditionally for various stomach &
Gastro-intestinal tract ailments such as
travel sickness and heartburn

"Quite simply, I use the t spheres wherever & whenever possible, and that is pretty much anywhere."
Dave Gahan / Depeche Mode
“Thank you so much for the t spheres ­ they will be great on tour!”
Love, Coldplay
“What a great idea, thank you for creating such a wonderful little product.”

Rita Wilson
“Thank you for the t spheres, they came at a perfect time ­ I had just done something to my neck and was in need of a massage”
Brooke Shields

  "Best Portable Massagers: t spheres" - 2010 INC Magazine Business Best 50


Check out the how to use
T spheres videos

Upper Back + Shoulder Girdle
Foot Pain + Plantar Fasciiitis
Piriformis + Sciatica
Shoulder + Spinal Health
Seated + Yogamassage


45mm T Spheres: $30.00 ($33.00 inc GST)

Non-infused T Spheres: $27.00 ($29.70 inc GST)

27mm T Spheres: $20.00 ($22.00 inc GST)

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