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The Blissology Project: Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Program

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The Blissology Project is a 6 DVD masterpiece featuring unique and inspirational Yoga Routines and Meditations for every day of the week.  Each day has a different theme so all aspects of your mind-body health can flourish. There are longer routines from 45 min to an hour and ‘quickie’ if you are looking to keep your practice time below 30 minutes.  Enjoy the individual programs on their own or use it as a part of a 4 week ‘Commit to Bliss’ Program as your daily Yoga and Meditation Practice.

Blissology is the art of living a full life by awakening a deep joy inside of us and using it to build harmonious relationships with our body-mind, in our personal relationships, our communities, and with Nature.
Blissology Project’s "Commit to Bliss"  Program is a 4 week commitment to Yoga, Meditation, Nature Appreciation, Food Awareness, Gratitude and a Wild Card which changes every week.  This inspiring DVD series or video downloads will help further your mission to live the most full life you possibly can.  Start Creating an Upward Spiral today!


  • 6 DVD Set, packaged in eco-friendly packaging with beautiful cover art

  • 6 Long and 6 Short yoga practices: each with a different mind/body focus

  • Filmed in HD in 12 stunning natural locations across Bali, Indonesia

  • Excellent, safe and therapeautic Vinyasa flow yoga instruction

  • Contains Flow Yoga routines that range from restorative to energizing

  • 7 unique meditation practices for the modern era

  • Inspirational world + ambient music score

  • Includes coupon for a FREE Blissology eBook

  • Powerful + Life changing


"I love love love Eoin Finn. I took 2 classes with him this summer and was instantly hooked, and snapped up this DVD set ASAP. I love the variety, each day is a completely different practice and there's so many options, you'll always find a routine to fit into your schedule.
Eoin's amazing yoga and love must be shared with all!
The best yoga DVD(s) in my collection!"