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The Love & Life of Yoga

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Husband & wife team Shimon Tchobutaru & Jacqueline Brumley have over 48 years of collective experience in yoga & bring together their expertise in this guided DVD.

It is tailored for beginner to intermediate student of yoga with instructions & variations of the practice to the suit each level.
It focuses is on correct alignment of the body in the postures, emphasis to deep rhythmical breathing, focusing the mind & concludes with  total relaxation so as to rest as one.
The DVD incorporates the physical side of yoga with the mental & spiritual aspects to make this a complete practice for 1 hour & 15 minutes.
It also contains a bonus section on correct alignment in the asanas.

Yoga they believe is about living life in a healthy way - about being physically  stable & mentally alive. The yoga they teach is about integration. Bringing the mind & body into unison, so that when you practise this DVD, you are totally in the moment & everything else is put aside. This helps to clear the mind of the "clutter".

Read more about Jacqueline & Shimon here on their website