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The YogaBand Carry Strap & Stretching Strap

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$22.00 ($24.20 inc GST)



I'm the world famous YOGAband, and I'm here to help raise your consciousness, in true vegan fashion! My purpose in this life is to hold your mat with a splash of colour, so you can get where you're going with ease. I make people smile! And, you can use me as a stretching band too. Do you have tight hip or quads? Work at a computer 12 hours per day? I am here for you. My guts come from Europe and I was sewn together in Canada. Use me to do stretches and I will ease your pain. I come in many different colourful webbing patterns and some of them have a different pattern on the front and back. And I"m long enough that whether you're a chihuahua or a giraffe, anyone can use me!

  • 80% Polyester / 20% Polypropylene