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ToeToe Grip - Trainer

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dotted GRIPPING base - organic cotton very soft, strong, warm - full toe




Anti-Slip Trainer

Better grip comes with rubber bits on the sole. Instead of wearing slippers at home these supreme quality toe socks are ideal to both keep feet free and comfortable. Five toe design promotes toe strength and free movement by allowing independent flexibility of your toes.

It makes a lot of sense to wear toe socks as they contribute to the natural shape of the foot. Our EPT increases awareness and ensures the sensation of freedom on your feet which will encourage the overall flexibility of your feet. Great for yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, and any barefoot activity. Exercise without slip.

Organic certified (Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS standards for the processing of fibres from certified organic agriculture) by Control Union Certification Netherlands.

EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology)

Five-toe flexibility. Separation of the toes contributes to the proprioception and bio mechanical function, whilst creating an environment that reduces the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and abrasion. Promotes toe strength and flexibility by allowing independent movement of your toes.

EPT™ improves body balance with subconcious movement of the toes and improved communication between body and feet. EPT™ ensures the fabric mould into the contours of the foot for a perfect fit. EPT™ introduces controlled temperature as the toe friction is prevented hence excess heat is not created. 

Helps you hold your poses. No more need to worry about your feet slipping off the footbar in Pilates classes. Not on the reformer, nor the Wunda chair.

Machine washable on gentle cycle inside out. Hang out to line dry or very low heat in a dryer. Do not bleach or iron.

Why Toe Socks?

  • Better toe movement with EPT™ technology contributes to proprioception and body balance
  • Hygienic as they prevent bacterial growth, allow your toes to breathe
  • Warm feet with increased circulation
  • Seamless fabric no friction
  • Toes do not rub together which prevent blisters
  • Increases wiggle room
  • Excercised toes stay in their natural shape


  • 90% ORGANIC cotton
  • 10% elasthane
  • Seamless
  • Unisex
Size Equivalent  approx CONVERSION
Small UK: 3-5.5 EU: 35-38    AU: Mens 3-5.5 / Womens 5-7.5   
UK: 6-8.5 EU: 39-42    AU: Mens 6-8.5 / Womens 8-10.5
Large UK: 9-11.5
EU: 43-46    AU: Mens 9+ / Womens 11+

Pricing Details (prices depend on ordered quantities):

Ordered Quantities Price
1-9 Pairs $18.60 per pair ($20.46 inc GST)
10-19 Pairs $14.75 per pair ($16.23 inc GST)
20-49 Pairs $13.10 per pair ($14.41 inc GST)
50 or more Pairs $12.55 per pair ($13.81 inc GST)

"I bought some of the toe socks and yoga sandles from you a few weeks ago.  They are fabulous!" Lisa
"They are absolutely the best! I have three pair and use them every time I do my Pilates exercises. These Toe Toe grip Sox really grip well and the snug fit keeps my feet warm, too. Wash out well over and did not shrink. ToeToe grip Sox are Excellent quality and performance on the floor, mat and reformer foot bar for your investment. Recommend them to all my friends, could not imagine doing pilates without them" Jo from Cowes
Just purchased toe "stocks", toe socks and some beech sandals and I am so happy with them.....only used them for a couple of days and I have noticed a remarkable difference in my toes.  Recently I have been having trouble with a bunion on one foot that has just started my toe moving towards the smaller toes.  EEEK!  But I can see that these products will assist in getting my balance back and stopping the "drift". It's a shame that people don't take advantage of such products to improve their feet's happiness!" Lisa from Tasmania