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Total Body Tone with Tubing

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Specially chosen exercises use added resistance around the ankles to increase the challenge and boost your results. This workout will tone thighs, glutes and calves and strengthen the core abdominals. Add an upper body routine as well to achieve greater overall fitness.

Workout level: Advanced (Level 5 of 5)

Language track: English

Required equipment: Mat, Strength Tubing: Ankle & Flex-Bands® with Handles (for Bonus program)

Get greater strength and tone through the lower body and legs with the help of strength tubing.

DVD Contents

  • 24 exercises in main program

  • 9 exercises in Bonus program

  • Workout Time – 33 min (main program)

  • Workout Time – 12 min (bonus program)

  • DVD Length – 84 min

Exercises: Lower Body with Tubing (Squat Side, Squat Lunge, Lunge Back, Soccer Kick, Sprinter Start 1, Sprinter Start 2, Sprinter Start 1 and 2 Combo, Speed Skater, Side Kick, Quad Position Work, Kick Backs, Bend and Stretch, Straight Leg Lift, Cuffs-Core and Lower Body, Side Plank Position – Abduction, Half Circle, Bend and Stretch, Plank - Pike at Hips, Hip Extension, Shell Stretch, Supine Single Leg Lift, Obliques, Scissors), Stretches (Single Leg Stretch with Rotation, Spine Stretch, Swan Stretch, Hip Flexor Lunge and Standing Side Stretch)

Bonus Features

  • Five Basic Principles

  • Work out with music only

  • Special message from the founders

  • Check out Merrithew equipment

  • Learn about instructor training

  • Total body tone with tubing: Core