TRAINER Gym in a Box

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Do you want to get in shape and lose weight but just can't seem to get motivated. That is why people hire personal trainers to help them get the body they dream of, however, this can be very expensive.

Now you can have a personal trainer at home for a fraction of what it costs to belong to a gym! Introducing the incredible TRAINER brands Gym in a Box. The easiest way to get fit right in your own home. There are no extreme workouts or insane movements. This is the complete fitness system that everyone can use.

The TRAINER brands Gym in a Box is the most comprehensive home training system available. Everything you need to get the body you have dreamed of is included.  You will receive (click the links for more details or to buy individually:

  • 12 Exercises printed on the Grey 65cm TRAINERball™ to strengthen and define your core (pump included).
  • 26 Exercises printed on the 3 foot TRAINERband™  latex resistance band.  Designed to increase strength and flexibility.
  • 12 Exercises printed on the 10cm diameter TRAINERroller™ to help balance and restore circulation, flexibility and range of motion.
  • 54 Exercises printed on the 2-sided TRAINERmat™ Ab and Weight Loss workouts that will ignite your metabolism and help you get leaner and stronger
  • Perfect-Form DVD so you know you are performing each exercise correctly
  • 4 week meal plan
  • 60 day workout program

Each product is made of the highest quality materials and are the same products used at expensive gyms across the country. Plus, the equipment comes with the exercises and correct movements printed right on them. So, in fact the equipment is your trainer. That’s right. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on training sessions. Everything you need is right on the product.

The Gym in a Box is safe, effective, easy to use and ideal for all fitness levels.

$80.00 ($88.00 inc GST)

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