TRAINERball 65cm

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Everyone knows what a Gym Ball is, but no one really knows how to use one.   Now that problem is solved with TRAINERball. TRAINERball™  for Core Strength, an exercise ball with detailed step-by-step instructional drawings of the perfect Core workout printed directly on the surface!

12 of the most effective Core strengthening fitness ball exercises, chosen by a leading fitness expert, are beautifully illustrated in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, right on the exercise ball!   Slim and tone your Core fast, without a monthly gym membership, personal trainer or heavy exercise machines! Now you can sculpt and tighten your core in just 5 minutes a day from the privacy of your own home with

Each TRAINERball™ for Core Strength also comes with a DVD and exclusive access to free online instructional exercise ball videos you’ll find great core workouts featuring full exercise ball programs for beginners or even the most advanced fitness professionals.  You can even take your exercises on the road with our free digital downloads!

TRAINERball Exercise Gym Ball
    * Enhance core muscle
    * Improve endurance and stamina
    * Achieve better posture, balance, and coordination
    * Stand taller and look leaner

Product Specifications:

• 12 Essential Core Ball exercises on the ball surface
• Hand Pump and DVD included
• FREE Instructional videos available online after purchase

• Physician-certified exercises
• Long-lasting and durable
• Anti-burst technology up to 400 lbs (180kg).
• 65cm Size Recommended for Heights 5'6" (167cm) and above
• Color: Dark Grey with Blue highlights


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$45.00 per ball  ($49.50 inc GST)


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