TRAINERmat for Golf

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Golf is a physically demanding sport, and a great golfer needs to stay flexible and be in great shape. The pro’s spend thousands of dollars on golf fitness trainers and coaches to help keep them on top of their game, but you don’t have to, because TRAINERmat™ for Golf, is an inexpensive, in-home, private golf fitness trainer!

TRAINERmat™ for Golf is an exercise mat with detailed pictures of safe and effective golf stretches and exercises printed directly on the surface! 23 of the most effective golf exercises, chosen by a leading golf health expert, are beautifully illustrated in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, right on the exercise mat!

Each TRAINERmat™ exercise mat for Golf also comes with a DVD and exclusive access to free online instructional Golf stretch videos where you’ll find great workouts full of highly effective golf stretches and exercises. You can even take your exercises to the course with our free digital downloads!

Product Specifications:

• 23 Golf Stretches Printed on the Mat Surface
• Separated into Pre-Game Warm Up and Daily Routine
• Perfect-Form DVD Included!
• FREE Instructional videos available online after purchase
• Colors: Black on printed side with Green highlights
• Physician-certified stretches
• Thick-cushion design
• Washable, non-slip surface
• Long-lasting and durable
• Size: 183cm X 60cm X 4 mm thickness

$55.00 ($60.50 inc GST)

$9.09 ($10.00 inc GST)

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