TRAINERmat for Weight Loss

Product Code: rtYMTr/weight/

TRAINERmat is no lightweight when it comes to trimming down. The TRAINERmat for weight loss workout was designed by a renowned fitness expert to include 10 fat burning exercises, each with 3 levels of difficulty so users can build intensity and endurance. This full body workout routine is suitable for all ages and genders.

Product Specifications:
• 10 Exercises Printed on the Mat Surface (30 Illustrations)
• Three Levels of Increasing Difficulty
• Optimized by fitness expert Andrea Metcalf and Diego K. Currier (celebrity trainer)
• Colors: Blue mat with Orange highlights
• Physician-certified stretches
• Thick-cushion design
• Washable, non-slip surface
• Long-lasting and durable
• Size: 6 feet long X 2 feet wide X 4 mm thickness
• PVC Composite Materia

$45.00 ($49.50 inc GST)

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