TRAINERmat for Yoga

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Get in shape and relax your body at home with TRAINERmat’s, Yoga Mat. It’s the first Yoga matwith detailed step-by-step instructional drawings of Yoga poses printed directly on the surface!

The TRAINERmat™ Yoga Mat features 27 highly effective Yoga poses chosen by a top instructor with easy-to-follow illustrations right on the mat.

Each TRAINERmat™ Yoga mat comes with a free DVD, featuring professional for beginners. We’ll also grant you exclusive online access with digital downloads for free lessons where you can enhance your practice of the Yoga poses, or take your Yoga positions on the go.

That mat's material (TPE) is a durable alternative to rubber or PVC that is completely non–toxic, odorless, 100% recyclable and harmless to both the environment and human body.

Product Specifications:

• 27 Yoga Exercises Printed on the Mat Surface
• Perfect-Form DVD Included!
• FREE Instructional videos available online after purchase
• Colors: Grey on printed side / Blue on bottom side or Green on printed side / Pink on bottom

• Eco-friendly TPE material (100% Recyclable)
• Physician-certified stretches
• Thick-cushion design
• Bacteria resistant , Washable, non-slip surface
• Long-lasting and durable
• Size: 183cm X 60cm X 4 mm thickness



$55.00 ($60.50 inc GST)

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