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TRAINER Foam Roller

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A Foam Roller is one of the best ways to stretch your muscles,  but no one really knows how to use one. Now that problem is solved with the  TRAINERroller™ Illustrated Massage Foam Roller.

TRAINERroller™ Illustrated Massage Foam Roller, a Foam Roller with detailed step-by-step instructional drawings of the perfect Deep Tissue Massage and Core Workout printed directly on the surface!

12 of the most effective muscle stretching Foam Roller exercises, chosen by a leading fitness expert, are beautifully illustrated in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions right on the Foam Roller!

Reduce stress and feel great without a monthly gym membership, personal trainer or heavy exercise machines! The product and program have been designed by renowned celebrity trainer Diego Currier, so its like having a coach with you everywhere you go.    

Each TRAINERroller™ Illustrated Massage Foam Roller comes with exclusive access to free online instructional exercise videos to make sure you are performing each exercise exactly as it was intended.  You can even take your exercises on the road with our free digital downloads!

 •  Deep Tissue Self-Massage

 •  Relieves Muscle & Joint Pain

 •  Reduces Stress

 •  Increases Flexibility & Core Strength

Product Specifications:

• 24" (60cm) Size -  Better for neck support when using vertically along spine

• 12 Essential Massage Foam Roller exercises on the roller surface

• FREE Instructional videos available online after purchase

• Designed by renowned celebrity trainer Diego Currier

• Physician-certified exercises

• Long-lasting and durable

• Color: Black with Yellow and White Printing; Black foam core