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Vidhyan Kosh Yoga As It Is - Set 1

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Vidhyan Kosh was born in India and has attained most of his knowledge from the teachings of Paramahamsa Sathyananda. He teaches Yoga as a spiritual practice as well as Yoga as a science. In this series, Vidhyan explains in details the functions of the postures and what is happening in the body while you are doing them.

Set One includes four lessons on four DVDs:

  • 1: Introduction to Hatha Yoga:
    • This class covers the meaning of Yoga and all the basic major postures and Pranayamas that you need to practice. All you need to know in Yoga for the first five years.
  • 2: The Warrior Poses
    • These postures build strength and stability but mostly remove gross energy blocks. This is a dynamic routine that is suitable for students starting out in yoga.
  • 3: The Endocrine System
    • In Yoga the main focus of the postures is on the Endocrine system, this routine impacts on the major glands of the body vital for good health. A must for all practitioners of Yoga.
  • 4: Kidneys and Adrenals
    • The Kidneys are like the batteries of the body. In western culture we live very busy lives and often people find they are lacking in energy. This is a whole routine dedicated to the revitalisation of the Kidneys and the Adrenals which produce upto 42 hormones.

"It is vitally important to know the purpose of Yoga, from there you can begin to understand this science. It is important to understand what the postures do and how they impact the body-mind organisms. These postures not only affecrt the internal organs and various systems of the body, but they also impact on the engery body, the mind, cosmic mind, right down to the very core of your being the body of bliss." - Vidhyan Kosh

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