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Weighted Exercise Tube

Product Code: rtyAT/WExT/380g

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This weighted exercise tube features a red tube with black, foam covered handles (as shown on left).

The handles contain a weight of 380 grams each, meaning you will get more out of your exercise in less time! Perfect tool to train your arms and get them fit and toned for summer leaving any flab behind. But you can also use this tube to train any other body part in a smooth and gentle way.

Product Size:

  • 10.5mm x 2.5mm x 95cm
  • 2 Handles with 380g each

Some sample exercises (a small booklet with even more exercises is contained in the package):

Arm Strength Workout Boxing Pose  Whole Body Stretching  Uppercut 


$19.00 each ($20.90 inc GST)