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Neoprene Ankle / Wrist Weights

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.5KG, 1.1KG, 2.2KG PAIRS!



Ankle & Wrist WEIGHTS
- Increases intensity in lunging, power walking, jumps etc.
- Fits snuggly around wrist or Achilles tendon in ankle area

The ankle weights are made out of a soft and comfortable fabric that is gentle to your skin. The unique design allows the weights to fit smoothly around your ankles.

Neoprene Ankle Weight (Premium):
Velcro closure gives secure fit.
0.5kg $22.00 /  pair ($24.20 inc GST)
1.1kg $28.00 /  pair ($30.80 inc GST)
2.2kg $40.00 /  pair ($44.00 inc GST)
Watch Videos online on how to use your Ankle/Wrist weights (simply click the "play" button):
Ankle Weight Training: Hip Extension for toned buttocks
Ankle Weight Training: Flat Stomach Exercise
Ankle & Wrist Weight Training: Tone your whole body

"The ankle weights came today. Thanks very much...will use them in gym tonight...they're great!"