Ankle / Wrist Weights

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Ankle & Wrist WEIGHTS
- Increases intensity in lunging, power walking, jumps etc.
- Fits snuggly around wrist or Achilles tendon in ankle area

The ankle weights are made out of a soft and comfortable fabric that is gentle to your skin. The unique design allows the weights to fit smoothly around your ankles.

Neoprene Ankle Weights
Nylon Ankle Weights

Watch Videos online on how to use your Ankle/Wrist weights (simply click the "play" button):
   Anke Weight Training: Hip Extension for toned buttocks
  Ankle Weight Training: Flat Stomach Exercise
  Ankle & Wrist Weight Training: Tone your whole body


The ankle weights come with 2 different linings: 

Neoprene Ankle Weight (Premium):
Velcro closure gives secure fit.

- 0.5kg approx. = 2lb each  $11.00 /  each ($12.10 inc GST)   $22.00 /  pair ($24.20 inc GST)

- 1.1kg approx. = 5lb each   $14.00 /  each ($15.40 inc GST)  $28.00 /  pair ($30.80 inc GST)

- 2.2kg approx. = 10lb each $20.00 /  each ($22.00 inc GST) $40.00 /  pair ($44.00 inc GST)

Nylon Ankle Weight (Standard):
Pockets allow sand weights to be added and removed as desired
Velcro closure gives secure fit.

-2.2kg approx. = 10lb each $18.00 /  each ($19.80 inc GST) $36.00 /  pair ($39.60 inc GST)

"The ankle weights came today. Thanks very much...will use them in gym tonight...they're great!"

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