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What I See, I Can Be DVD

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 This DVD version of the book combines Yoga, fitness & fun!

This is DVD is an easy to use, fun to follow along resource that includes a 20 minute work out to relaxing music. After the workout, a 10 minute relaxation session follows to allow for calm transitioning. Use this product to promote fitness and fun, so that children lead long, happy and healthy lives.

Excellent for teachers in schools, and parents at home, to share with their children.
This interactive DVD program is easy to follow and a fun way for children to receive the health benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps children develop their flexibility, strength and balance. It releases tension, relaxes the body and improves concentration abilities.


This DVD is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Although DVD's are inherently not the most environmentally friendly products, we have strived to make ours as eco-friendly as possible.

The plastic film around the case is Biodegradable "OXO Film" and 100% recyclable under recycle code 4. Our "Eco-Lite DVD Case" weighs only 45g and is made using 30% less plastic raw materials, compared to a refular DVD case (64g). The printed DVD trap-sheet was printed on partially recycled FSC paper stock, using 100% vegetable ink dyes.


$24.95 ($27.45 inc. GST)

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