Wobble Balance Dome

Product Code: rtyAFBbpwobdm/0221/1P/3.2K

Top of Wobble Dome


Balance Domes are ideal when learning stability in certain exercises. With an unstable surface, standing on the board will help to strengthen ankle and calf muscles. Some exercises are suggested below and the Balance Dome is often used with exercises that do not require balance, e.g. push-ups and plank positions. Use a Balance Dome to challenge yourself above your regular exercise program.

Unique design provides 360 degrees of instability activities for all core muscles.  It also helps to improve balance training and agility.

The top of the dome is pebbled to provide better grip.

Wobble Balance Dome is 40cm diameter
Max weight about 135kg.


$28.90  ($30.79 inc GST)

Bottom of Wobble Dome


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