WONDER LINER PRINTS 2mm thick, no holes

Product Code: rtWLMB30x150

red gingham

blue gingham

  black granite

Wonderliner Designer offers a decorative liner that cushions and protects! This Non-Slip liner can be easily cut to fit any space. It is a multi-purpose liner that is mold & mildew resistant. Easy to clean and long lasting, this liner protects and cushions your most cherished treasures.



PVC - no holes | 1mm thick | 30cm x 150cm

Larger sizes for whole pots and pan drawers? - see TABLELINER or COMFORT PRINTS

  • Smooth top for easy sorting of jars, clothes, or top shelf
  • Soft protective non snag surface cushions falls and stops crumbs, spills, dust falling through
  • Non-stick, non-slip base means liner removes easily to wash, reuse or replace
  • Decorative, smooth vinyl top
  • Will cut to any shape without fray
  • Washable and durable
  • 4 colours: Blue Gingham, Red Gingham, Black Marble

Prices for 30cm x 150cm pieces (1mm thick):

  • BLUE & RED GINGHAM, BLACK: $2.00 each  ($2.20 inc GST)
    IVY on special offer $1 off: $1.00 each ($1.10 inc GST)                     


"I am looking for shelf liners for my kitchen shelf – what I would is a product that is non-slip at the bottom but the surface is normal – I find that products that are non slip on both sides make it difficult the move pots and other items around"

"Thank you for delivery of my previous order. I am happy with the product and would like to order some more black marble wonder liners. Could I please order 4 more of the black marble shelf liners with the same credit card and address details as before?"

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