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Yoga to Health - Yoga & Meditation: 5 Daily Chakra Practices (DVD)

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Yoga & Meditation: 5 daily chakra practices (DVD)

Louise Wiggins
Release Date: 28 November 2009
Format: DVD All regions
ISBN: 9781876102180

Yoga & Meditation
5 daily chakra practices
A varied program of seated, supine and standing chakra vinyasa practices that can be practiced individually or as a complete 78 minutes chakra class practice.
"In this DVD I look forward to guiding you through 5 chakra practices to stretch, relax and balance your whole system in a meditative yet dynamic way." Louise

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Author: Louise Wiggins
Author Notes:  
Published by: Yoga to Health

Chakras are psychic centres of energy resonating to the colours of the rainbow. The chakra system consists of 7 main centres of focussed energy located along the spine. Each chakra relates to one of the elements and has a signficant yoga teachng. In this DVD you will learn how to tune into your own vital energy centres and to plug into their wisdom and power. Come on a journey into the colours, wisdom and power of yoga to create harmony and union at all levels of being.

  1. The Five Tibetans Vinyasa with modifications shown.
  2. The Five Elements Vinyasa, a yoga chikung practice
  3. Chakra Vinyasa into the wisdom of yoga
  4. Om Shanti Meditation affirming love and peace
  5. Chakra Journey Relaxation practice.

Duration: 78 minutes Yoga is art of taking personal control of your own physical, mental and emotional well being. It is the individual, holistic and integrating, living experience of who you really are. Yoga is a journey into yourself to find yourself. So let's together go within and experience ourselves